Oster Pro 1200 Review

Oster Pro 1200 Review 

Oster Pro 1200 Summary

4.5 out of 5

Compact, durable and well built, the Oster Pro 1200 blender is actually a professional grade machine but priced as a consumer grade appliance. It packs a glass jar, lots of power, wider blades and plenty of preset options too. We think highly of the Oster because…. Read and find out.

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Oster Pro 1200 Introduction

Ample power, several options and a stress-free guarantee all make the Oster Pro 1200 Plus a delightful little kitchen appliance. The motor is rated at 1200 watts and it suffices in crushing frozen ingredients, greens, ice and so much more. You can crush, blend, puree and even make nut butter without breaking a sweat. Options for almost all kinds of activities are preset in this blender so you need not actually do much experimentation. Just pick the right setting and let it do its job.

This Oster professional blender comes with a smoothie Cup that you can blend in directly and then seal with the travel lid for your trip. Great when you need a quick health drink on the way to the gym or work. To make a smoothie you simply select the Smoothie pre-programmed option. It really is that simple. Moreover, there are options for salsa, chopping, blending, smoothie and so much more.

This particular blender features 50% larger blades with a wider base thus allowing for more food to reach the blades and increasing efficiency. The blade itself is made from stainless steel and can reverse, allowing for precision chopping and blending. To top it all, Oster provides an all-metal drive system that ensures longevity even when blending up to 10,000 smoothies. Finally, because Oster believes in its R&D, the Pro 1200 comes with a 3-year satisfaction guarantee and a long 10 years all metal drive limited type warranty.

Our Oster Pro 1200 Review

First and foremost, you have to take into consideration the fact that the Oster Pro 1200 Blender Plus is about $100 to $300 cheaper than Vitamix, Ninja and other professional grade bar blenders. Now, with this in mind, it becomes easier to review or judge the Oster blender. Amazing amount of power, 1200-watt with a peak realistic output of 900-watt is more than sufficient to pulverize ice to the atomic level. Naturally, this gives the blender the ability to make nut butter with ease too. We found that unlike a Vitamix or Ninja, because of the wider blades and wider base of the jar, nut butter came out smoother and creamier. In fact, our major gripe with Ninja is the plastic jar that heats up during nut butter preparation. This however, being a glass jar has no heating problem. It is one hundred percent safe even with slightly hot ingredients. Moreover, the entire drive system is stainless steel so nothing to worry there either.

Now coming to things we tried with this blender. Greens such as Swiss chard with stems, kale and even frozen fruit all blend to nothingness in a matter of seconds without putting any sort of pressure on the motor or the blades. Naturally, it makes amazing salsa and soup regardless of the ingredients. Now, as far as the motor is concerned, it is not as powerful as a Ninja but the 1200 watt suffices with all kinds of home requirements. Besides, components and accessories from Oster do not cost as much as other brands so if in case you break or damage something and need a replacement, it won’t really hurt you. Now imagine replacing your Ninja bowl that comes for over $200!

As for all the quick settings, they are mighty useful and actually work as intended. The only real gripe though is that every time you switch off the unit, you once again have to arm it by pressing the on button and then choose either of the options. Again to stop the unit you press the off button. This is a bit unconventional and feels more like launching torpedoes from a submarine instead. Coming to the glass jar, while it is well built and excellent by design, the base does not always sit right on the housing and seals. You have to be careful and check to see if the entire seal is complete to avoid leakage. It is a slight learning curve but nothing to get irked with. As for the smoothie jar, good idea but bad execution. Making a smoothie in this to-go jar is actually more of a hassle. The lid on top doesn’t really hold your creation within and it spills even with the slightest of agitation.

Oster Pro 1200 Specifications & Pros/Cons



Key Features

  • Loads of Power – 1200 peak wattage with 900-watt useful power is more than sufficient for any kind of task. The Oster Pro 1200 Blender Plus handles ice with impunity and can make excellent nut butter too.
  • Wide Glass Jar – The glass jar is pretty wide at the base and hence naturally shorter in height. It is deceptively large though and can hold up to 6-cups.
  • Plenty of options – Select from either three speed settings or three preset options with this blender. No more tinkering with the speed and timing.
  • Sturdy Design – A heavy base with four distinct legs and rubber grips, stainless steel all-metal drive system and a glass jar. It truly is built to last.
  • Long warranty cover – 10 years’ warranty on the all-metal drive system plus three years’ frustration free guarantee. Oster in fact, will replace your unit if something serious happens with it.
  • Smoothie Personal Cup – Make your own smoothie to-go with the included 24oz cup and carry it along to the gym or work.
  • Inexpensive – For a professional blender, the Oster Pro 1200 is actually quite affordable. Under $100 it gives a tough competition to Ninja and Vitamix.
  • The smoothie to-go jar has a leaky lid and splashes easily.
  • Makes a lot of noise even on low speed, which is obvious considering its massive motor power.
  • Locking the jar into position takes a few tries. Not ensuring the seal is perfect results in leakage.
  • To operate this blender, you first engage the motor with the on switch and then select one of the six options. To use again or change to another setting you have to switch off first and then repeat the entire process over again.
  • Lots of pre-programmed settings for Green/Frozen smoothies, milkshakes, food chopping/salsa, pulse, speed and even an on/off switch. The base is packed with buttons.
  • Thick Boroclass 6-cup dishwasher safe glass jar with extra wide base and a 50% larger blade that makes blending super-efficient.
  • Smoothie to-go 24 oz. cup lets you blend personal smoothies and carry along with the travel lid. Great for quick smoothies when you are in a hurry.
  • Blade features dual direction technology allowing it to spin in either direction. This helps prevent settling of ingredients at the bottom, keeping them circulating at all times.
  • Full metal drive system with joints and more provides superior durability and a promise of over 10,000 smoothies.
  • Oster is offering a 10-year warranty on the All Metal Drive and a 3-year satisfaction guarantee too.
  • Total of 1200 watt of raw power and 900 watts peak to crush ice.
  • Heavy base but shorter glass jar for easy storage underneath kitchen cabinets.

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Our Final Conclusion For The Oster Pro 1200

If you really need a professional grade blender but can’t afford the super expensive Vitamix or Ninja brands, then opt for the Oster Pro 1200 Blender Plus. This blender has loads of power, amazing functionality and a heavy glass jar with full-metal drive system. Nothing much really to complain about either and everything to commend. Need we say more? Just go buy this blender even if you already have an expensive model at home – you will love it!