Ninja BL773CO Review

Ninja BL773CO Review 

Ninja BL773CO Summary

4.5 out of 5

Not just a blender, it is a mega kitchen system. The Ninja BL773CO is a complete kitchen system that doubles as a food processor, slicer, shredder, mixer and much more. The possibilities are infinite. You truly are only limited by your imagination when you have such a capable unit at arm’s length.

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Ninja BL773CO Introduction

A replete system consisting of more than just a blender, it is actually a total kitchen system. The Ninja BL773CO is a blender & food processor duo-combo. It ships with Nutri-Ninja cups for quick smoothies, a 72 oz. blender pitcher and a 8 cup food processor unit. As for the blades and attachments, you get a chopping and shredding blade, blending blade and dough mixer attachment.

To top it off, this unit is powered by a hefty 2HP and 1500 watts’ motor. It generates sufficient torque and power for the most arduous of tasks. Ninja likes to give its technologies funky names and the powerful motor gets the name of Total Crushing technology. Basically, with so much power it promises to pummel ice and frozen fruit to oblivion! Great if you love your smoothies and creamy frozen drinks. As for the food processor, 8 cups is sufficient considering this is not your standalone food processor but rather a blender that can double as one. It does well to chop ingredients or mix dough and even grate and slice stuff. One last thing, every accessory or attachment is BPA free and completely dishwasher safe.

Our Ninja BL773CO Review

At first glance, the Ninja BL773CO does not differ in its outward appearance from the rest of its Ninja siblings. It appears, in all respect, to be a decent reliable blender until you realize that the list of accessories and attachments is a little too much for a simple blender. Yup, this is more than just your average blender. As it stands Ninja was never known for making average blenders, but only the best. Now, they have gone a step ahead and decided to end the competition with food processors as well in one fell swoop.

The Ninja BL773CO is a replete system that does three things with utmost efficiency. It blends, processes food and makes amazing frozen concoctions. This is a kitchen appliance worth spending after considering all the things you can do. Want a quick smoothie? Attach the personal sized smoothie container and blend up your favorite drink. Thinking of making homemade nut butter? Put the food processor in place and the shredding discs to get fine butter. It even kneads all kinds of dough without breaking a sweat. All this not possible because of the attachments it ships with but also due to the whopping 2HP motor encased in the base. Sufficient power and proper regulation of the output peak RMS is the real reason why it can multi-task so well.

Some of the creations we managed in this blender is simply not possible with a Vitamix or Oster! Even as a blender, which it originally was intended to be, it does an amazing job. The blade is stacked with layers of sharp edges all over and the long stemmed blade drops straight down the jar to attach with the drive mechanism. An added advantage for this kind of attachment solution is it is pretty easy to keep the entire ensemble clean. Not to mention, blending in the Ninja Mega System Kitchen System BL773CO always leaves a consistent end product. It really does not matter whether you plan on blending through chocolate chips, dicing through kale or even preparing your own spices & herbs for home use.

A word of caution though, there are subtle variations of this particular model available online and some of them do not ship with the entire ensemble of attachments. The one we have reviewed and also given a link for happens to be the right model with all attachments included. If you end up purchasing the same model but with half the accessories, be ready to shelf out another hundred dollars procuring the other half of attachments!

Ninja BL773CO Specifications & Pros/Cons



Key Features

  • Accessories Galore – With so many attachments and accessories, the need to purchase a food processor, stand mixer and a quick portable blender is nullified. It comes with all imaginable attachments and multi-tasks just as well.
  • Unique Stacked Blade – The Nutri Ninja blade assembly is unique in its design with a stacked blade arrangement that ensures even blending regardless of the ingredients you use.
  • Superb Power Output – 1500-watt heavy duty motor with an all-metal drive mechanism ensures ideal power transmission to any attachment used. Besides, 2HP peak rating is probably why it can multi-task so well.
  • Dishwasher Safe – All containers are BPA free and everything is dishwasher safe. Other than the base, you can practically through anything you soil in the dishwasher and let it all clean up easy.
  • Detailed Instructions – Ninja has always taken care to provide detailed instructions in its manual and the manual accompanying this mega kitchen system is the most instructive we have seen as of yet. Recipes, operation guide, information on each accessory – it is all in there.
  • Economical – If you add the cost of procuring a food processor, a stand mixer, a bullet blender and a conventional tabletop blender – you soon realize that the Ninja BL773CO is a more economical and logical option.
  • Learning Curve – Unlike a conventional blender there is a lot of things included in the packaging. Getting used to all of it can take some time. But, thankfully they provide a detailed manual so you at least won’t be lost.
  • Confusing Models – Ninja actually has two models with the same exact model number but a slight difference in the accessories it ships with. There’s one with all the attachments and another that comes with a slightly different food processor unit that does not have the shredder/slicing disc. Be careful when you purchase this unit and follow the link we provide.
  • Storage – Yes storage is a problem with this unit thanks to all the extra stuff it comes with. Find an empty kitchen cabinet because it will use all the free space.
  • 72oz. blender container, 8 cup food processor bowl and individual smoothie containers are the accessories included in the package.
  • A grating disc, reversible shredding/slicing disc, dough mixing blade, chopping and ninja blade assembly are the attachments you get with this blender unit.
  • Boasts of 2 HP motor that delivers a whopping 1500 watt of raw power.
  • The stacked blending blade is unique in its design with a long stem and distributed blade arrangement that ensures even blending with no cool spots.
  • Control panel is detailed and intuitive to use, simple thanks to accompanying instruction manual.
  • Plenty of aftermarket accessories available for this particular unit.
  • 8 cup food processor bowl comes with its own feed chute lid and dual purpose food pusher too.

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Our Final Conclusion For The Ninja BL773CO

We never thought a blender could satisfy us to such an extent that we would call it the “King of all Kitchen Appliances”. However, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System, BL773CO justly earns this title and we do not see it losing out to other brands anytime soon. Officially, we declare Ninja as our favorite brand because of the excellent reviews they garner, their awesome product lineup and the fact that they can pack in so many uses for a simple blender!

You simply cannot go wrong with the BL773CO. If you do not yet have a food processor and a blender, then get this model right now – you need nothing else.