Adverbs of degree

These adverbs tell us the strength or intensity of something that happens. Many adverbs are gradable, that is, we can intensify them.

To do this we use adverbs of degree. These include; adequately, almost, entirely, extremely, greatly, highly, hugely, immensely, moderately, partially, perfectly, practically, profoundly, strongly, totally, tremendously, very, virtually, . . .

For example:-

The man drove badly. = The man drove very badly. - In this sentence very shows us how badly he drove.
They enjoyed the film. = They enjoyed the film immensely. -
In this sentence immensely shows us how much they enjoyed the film.

These intensifiers are not gradable though, you cannot say The man drove extremely very badly.

Adverbs of degree (sometimes also referred to as adverbs of quantity) describe to what degree, level or extent something is done.

  • almost
  • nearly
  • quite
  • just
  • too
  • enough
  • hardly
  • scarcely
  • completely
  • very
  • extremely

Like all adverbs, they can refer to a verb, an adjective or another adverb.

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